CIVIC Financial Planning in association with our partner brands offer a holistic approach to your financial needs. In conjunction with Financial Index Wealth Accounts we can refer an appropriate professional for all your Accounting and Business Development needs. 


CIVIC Financial Planning in conjunction with Financial Index Wealth Accountants can provide you with one central point of contact for all your financial planning needs, including taxation. From general information to measuring performance and meeting taxation reporting and other obligations, we can assist in helping you manage these hurdles, making sure your deadlines are met on time, every time.

Complete your Tax Returns | Prepare your BAS statements | Satisfy any further Taxation requirements

SMSF Compliance and Audit 

With the SMSF industry continuing to grow at a rapid pace, navigating the ever changing compliance and regulatory requirements can seem daunting. With the benefits of a SMSF, such as more control and major decision making, also comes the responsibility to adhere to a strict set of rules, some of which can be confusing without a third party to help you navigate through them.

The team at the Findex Group can take care of this for you, from inception right through to administration and audit of funds, answering any questions you have along the way.


Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements and reporting play an important role in keeping your personal finances and business interests on track. Accurate and up to date records are not only one of the quickest ways to make sure you are on track to reach your goals, but also signal to you early any problems that may arise. 

Cash flows | Profit and Loss statements | Balance Sheets | Investment Return reporting

Business Advisory

Business Setup and Restructure
Starting a business is an exciting time, but deciding on the structure and acknowledging all your financial obligations can be complex and confusing. Let us assist you in determining your business setup and restructure costs as well as planning your ongoing cash flow management.

Strategic Consulting
At some point along the journey, businesses will have to make difficult decisions about how and where their money is spent. CIVIC Financial Planning, along with our partner brands, can help you make the tough decisions about your business with careful analysis on your strategy and finances, in conjunction with your goals and objectives.

Business Process Re-engineering
CIVIC Financial Planning prides itself on organisational efficiency with our processes tightly managed and continually evaluated. Let us pass our lessons on to you and assist you in rethinking and re-engineering your business processes.

Mergers and Acquisitions
The Findex Group has successfully completed over 40 acquisitions to date since its formation in 1987, accumulating a breadth of experience and expertise along the journey. The legalities of a merger or acquisition require close, hands on management, a service the Findex Group is more than qualified to provide for you.

Offshore Expansion
Connect your business across the globe and give yourself access to new markets and consumers with offshore expansion. Navigate through the accounting requirements with our team of qualified experts.