Asset Protection

Protecting your family's wealth is not only important in helping to pass along wealth to other generations, but should also be a large consideration in your Estate and Trust Planning. CIVIC Financial Planning can provide you with a range of suitable services to ensure your Estate Planning is up to date and comprehensive, as well as assist with Trust planning and Trust insurance, so that should you need them, your safety nets are in place.

Risk Management

Taking risk, especially when it comes to our money, can be daunting. However, sometimes some risk is needed to get a better return than we could have otherwise achieved. Let us help you arrange risk management plans to appropriately mitigate your levels of risk. CIVIC Financial Planning can assist in the follow areas:

Buy/sell structures for your investments | Strategic Corporate Risk Planning | Key Man Insurance

Personal Protection

You are your most important asset, so making sure you have appropriate personal insurance is critical. CIVIC Financial Planning can help you find the best policies to suit your needs and your budget, giving you piece of mind should the unexpected happen, you're covered.

Group Risk

For your corporate and business Life Insurance, TPD and Income Protection policy premiums can be paid together, therefore allowing you access to discounts and lower fees.

Life Insurance | Total Permanent and Disability | Trauma | Income Protection